Oracre Tokenomics Overview

Tokenomics, also known as token economics, is the study of parameters that determine the characteristics of cryptocurrencies (cryptos) or cryptographic tokens to create economic value,” borrowed from Wikipedia. This is the overview of the Oracre Token, its functionality and uses.


We have seen another CRE marketplace offer “Credit” on their platform for crowd sourced data. CRE professionals submitted data and received credit to use on the platform. The issue here was the credits were taken back or canceled out on several users. This led us to offer tokens and revenue sharing.


      1. Once the tokens are minted they are removed from our control and held by a regulated third party custodian, this is for security purposes.

      1. There is no direct linkage for us to take back the tokens from our community even if we ever wanted to. They will hold their tokens in via a third-party digital wallet, or they can self-custody them, but either way they are outside of our control.

      1. Unlike a “store credit” we envisions Oracre’s token having additional uses (towards additional services, swapping, liquidation, etc.).



    As Oracre is built on Hedera, the Oracre Token is a Hedera based token that we developed. It is independent of Hedera, but it, along with our platform live within the Hedera ecosystem.



    Below is from Oracre’s Draft Tokenomics Overview, there may be some minor changes to the final Tokenomics Design.


    Total Oracre Tokens Minted EVER: 100,000,000


    Why does this matter, because a fixed supply of anything is more likely to rise in value due to scarcity and demand than something that is constantly printed (Dollars and Dogecoin both have are constantly adding more supply).


    Community & Airdrop/Incentives to Community 41%


    How much of the tokens go into the community?

    41% (41,000,000 tokens) go to the community via the community and Lockdrop categories above. This segment is Oracre’s users and contributors.


    Oracre Team + Advisors and any Possible Future Sale, or Give Aways 24%


    How many tokens go to the Advisor team?
    5% (5,000,000 tokens) these will be locked up for at least a year. Oracre has a team of advisors to help/advise us on growth.


    How many tokens go to the Oracre team?
    10% (10,000,000 tokens) these tokens are locked for 4 years.


    What are the “Private Sale” tokens?
    9% of the tokens are reserved for either an investor into Oracre’s company to have tokens, or if Oracre decides to sell, or give away tokens to put more supply into the market at a future date.


    Platform Operations 35%


    What is Platform Operations/ Treasury Reserves?
    25% (25,000,000 tokens) go to this category to mitigate volatility in Oracre’s token price. You want to try to limit large up/down swings in the token value, as well aim to have a steady amount of circulating supply. If and when Oracre’s token is sold/swapped on third party exchanges and the token value drops significantly this division buys tokens to decrease supply on the open market, when token value increases significantly this division pushes more supply into the market to slow the token value increase.



    What is Platform Operations/ Development & Marketing?
    10% (10,000,000 tokens) go to this category to make investments into the growth and preservation of Oracre’s platform.

    All tokens will be under the control of a third-party custody provider, they will not be in Oracre’s control/custody.

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