Oracre Receives Grant from The Hedera Foundation

Oracre and Hedera formally finalize Hedera’s grant towards funding the development/operational costs of Oracre. Oracre and Hedera have been working together to bring Oracre’s new crowdsourced commercial real estate comps marketplace powered by Hedera’s hashgraph to market.


“We’re extremely excited to finalize our grant from The Hedera Foundation (“THF”). We’ve been working with them for about 9 months on this project. The THF team has been very helpful, they’ve continuously provided us with feedback 24/7, access to their vendor partners, and now capital. This grant is more than capital to us, it’s validation and approval of our platform, team, and business design that we created, from one of the leading Layer1 platforms in the world. It’s also important to note, this grant approval came in while the investment markets are very bearish and a lot of the investment world is sitting on the sidelines waiting for the dust to settle and stability to return to the markets,” said Brendan Hotchkiss, Co-Founder at Oracre.


Oracre is an invite only, rewards and revenue sharing crowd sourced commercial real estate marketplace where its community submits comps into Oracre, is rewarded and then they participate in revenue share on their comps. All this is made possible via Hedera’s Hashgraph, which Oracre is built on.



Oracre Rewards Overview


    • Submit comps – receive Oracre Tokens (Utility Tokens)
        • Also participate in comp revenue sharing

    • Invite your network to join Oracre – participate in your invitee’s comps revenue share

    • Edit, or add data to third party comps to complete and/or validate them – revenue share


Oracre Token Overview


Oracre is minting a fixed 100,000,000 Oracre Tokens. There will not be additional tokens added, so the supply is fixed. Oracre tokens will have double their utility value of buying power on Oracre towards accessing our comps. We are working to add additional services or swapping capabilities to Oracre Tokens, so they can be utilized, swapped for other digital currencies, or possibly liquidated. For more information read Oracre’s Tokenomics Overview (insert link to Oracre Tokenomics Blog).

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