Earning on Comp Submittals & Overview of Tokenomics

Oracre is minting a fixed amount of Oracre Utility Tokens. Oracre’s Management team only has 10% of these tokens the rest are distributed to our community and held in reserve to ensure long-term token stability and operations.

Primary Token Distributions to Community (25,000,000 over year 1-5, 25% of total tokens)


  • Initial Airdrop Oracre will airdrop 5,000,000 tokens (5% of supply) to early adaptors and contributors over the first year.
  • Oracre will distribute 20,000,000 tokens (20% of supply) to its community for actions they complete (comp submittal, comp verification, etc.). This will be done at 4,000,000 per year over 5 years.


In year two Oracre will begin charging its community to access comps data, you can pay with your tokens, or with cash. Tokens receive a 2x value on Oracre (if you have $500 of tokens that gives you $1,000 in buying power on Oracre).


When Oracre begins charging the community for access to comps data, the revenue share model goes live and our community participates in revenue share with us on the comps they submit, verify, or come in via their invited network.