The First Revenue Sharing CRE Comps Marketplace

The Commercial Real Estate Comps market was long overdue for a new era. Oracre is a crowd-sourced commercial real estate marketplace where our entire community has a sense of ownership, as they are rewarded when they contribute to the community and participate in revenue sharing through their completed submissions and referral introductions.


Submit comps into Oracre, the more complete and better looking your comp is the higher your earning potential. If you complete all data points for a comp you own the full revenue share for the comp submittal on that comp. If you don’t complete it and a second party completes the data points for the comp the second party participate in the revenue share alongside you. Completed comps are verified by a second party to further validate the data accuracy.


Oracre is an invite only platform. Contact us to request an invite.

Comps data hasn’t been a secret for a long time. You’ve been verifying it for free for years on other platforms. Isn’t it time you start participating in the revenue share?


Oracre is the first revenue sharing CRE Comps Marketplace. Our platform is invite only. When you invite your network to join Oracre you win twice.


  1. The more people adding comps into our network the more comps data is made available to our community.
  2. Anyone you invite with your own invite code will be paired to your account and you’ll participate in revenue sharing on their comps as well. Don’t worry your revenue sharing piece on your invitee’s comps doesn’t dilute them, it dilutes us.
Rewardable Contributions

  • Submit comps (rewarded at submittal for first 5 years and participate in revenue share in perpetuity). 
  • Complete comps that are not closed
  • Validate Comps
  • Invite others to join Oracre (participate in revenue share on their comps)

Leadership Boards

In addition to earning tokens and revenue sharing, brokers/brokerage firms with the most transactions in each market will be posted to our ”Leader Boards” lists, promoting them as market leaders to potential buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants.


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Submit and Validate Comps

Learn about comp submittal options, and validation works. Earn tokens and become part of  our community.


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