How Does it Work?

Oracre is commercial real estate marketplace built as a Layer2 application on Hedera. Hedera is a decentralized, open-source, proof of stake public ledger (this operates similarly to a blockchain). This allows us mint our own utility token to pay rewards to our active community members (a fixed amount of 100,000,000 tokens are being minted) and implement smart contracts to streamline functions and procedures for submitting comps, rewards and revenue sharing.


Initially Oracre will offer points, which will then be converted to our own utility tokens at a targeted 1:1 basis. We’re implementing a third-party wallet/custody solution for the tokens, as Oracre can’t hold (custody) the tokens itself for our community. This ensures the tokens are not in our possession ever even consider clawing back tokens from our users.


Oracre’s utility tokens can be used to buy access to our comps’ platform. We’re giving 2x the value of the token on Oracre. So, when there is a value applied to the tokens and we start charging for comps access $450 worth of tokens will give you $900 of buying power for 


Oracre Comps. Our tokens will operate like a credit, with two main differences:


  1. We can never take back the tokens once they are issued.
  2. In the future Oracre tokens will be able to be liquidated in some fashion (swapped, or sold) by token holders.


As our community grows and the platform matures the rewards will switch fully over to revenue sharing.