What is an Oracre Point/token worth?

There is not a current market value ascribed to a point or token. As they only have a use/value in our marketplace. Their value is backed up with CRE comps data as the tokens can be used to buy access to Oracre’s comps data. Tokens receive a 2x value on Oracre (if you have $500 of tokens that gives you $1,000 in buying power on Oracre). We are exploring ways our users can swap, or liquidate the token ourside of Oracre. So, if you accumulate a lot of Oracre Tokens you may be able to exchange them, or liquidate them outside of Oracre.

Why tokens, why not credits?
Credits can be taken away and only used in one location . By utilizing utility tokens we’re creating a unit of value that is outside of our custody, once it’s distributed to our users it is in their position and there is no way for us to take it away. With this being a utility token on Hedera’s chain this token has possible further uses in the future (sell, or swap for other tokens), so the tokens can have value outside of Oracre. We are exploring how best to expand Oracre’s use, value, and ecosystem to further benefit our community.

How is revenue share calculated?

Oracre will push up to 25% of its comps revenues into revenue share distributions. That is then split across multiple buckets (your comps’ activity/total comps activity, your recent comps submittals, your invited network, etc).

Does Oracre post who submitted comps?

No, comp submitter remains anonymous.

What do I do for a wallet solution?

Oracre is working towards implementing a simplified third-party wallet solution for our community that can also handle custody solutions for our community. Self custody solution – Hashpack is suggested solution. Warning, if you choose to self custody your tokens you are solely responsible for all your logins (key words, pins, etc).